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      • Hello all. I have been trying to locate the genealogy that originally was found on the church website. I can’t seem To find it. I worked with Wayne on updates to the site. And help and direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
        Direct descendent of Adam,
        Lisa Crawford (mom is Nancy Kleckner McKibben)

        • Hi Lisa! My apology for not responding in a more timely manner. My father (also Wayne) and I are maintaining the website now. The site that existed earlier (Wayne D Barner’s site) is no longer operational. We started this site with the best information we had at the time that site management transferred to us but we are very eager to incorporate any new information you may have as well as correcting anything you may identify as inaccurate.

          I also wish to apologize if what you are seeing on the site now is not what you and Wayne D worked on earlier. We can get that corrected for you and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

          Charles Barner